Turbo Diesel Kid - The first show


St. Nicholas gave Turbo Diesel Kid his first guitar, a Spanish one. He had been on a campsite in France and learned that as a singer/ guitarplayer whole groups of girls can be collected. So instead of pursuing a football career, he let his hair grow and his uncle Marien, a former rock star, taught him in two hours the basics of guitar playing. Moments later bought Turbo Diesel Kid an electric guitar and amp , after a few months strum on the Spanish he now had fire in his hands!

Growing up in the middle of nowhere in the north of North Holland had one advantage: the drums and amplifier were easily installed in the middle of a meadow. The instruments and musicians were hidden by a 6 foot circle of hay . The first performance of Turbo Diesel Kid, with on drums neighbor Raymo, was memorable. In the village, four kilometers away, one heard, distorted guitar and hollow drums, microphones noices by screaming teenagers. An ominous sound startled the cows and they ran away fast . People were looking for the source of the noise but could not find the hidden rockers.

As in a trance Turbo Diesel Kid stood to life itself, completely absorbed in the music, the mind far from the Earth clay where they reahlly were at play . Suddenly, the young men were brutally disturbed by the furious landowner Jac, who was the hay circle wrestling . Confused , sweaty and under the hay he exhorted to stop action and shouted:"It's not even that awful sound , what you call music .... You have half of the hay pasture as a crop circle around you built . What should my cows now eat of in winter ?"

haha greeting,

Turbo Diesel Kid